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If you are looking to purchase someting from Dell Computers, let me know, I may be able to get you better pricing. The way it works is like this: You identify what you want and e-mail it to me, I forward the specs off to my Dell rep, I then forward the Dell quote on to you and you call my rep and pay with your credit card. I do not make any money off the deal, you are just utilizing my dell purchase volume to obtain better pricing. The quotes are good for 30 days and there is no obligation to buy anything. I am to busy to pester anyone and besides, I am not a good salesman. My Dell rep would never have any of your information until after a sale is made so there is no chance of your information getting on some Dell mailing list unless you buy something. Why would I do such a thing you ask? Because I'm a nice guy and I like to help people... There are some home systems and options I cannot get so as long as you stick to the Dell OptiPlex, latitude, Vostro, some Inspiron models and PowerEdge servers, I can get you a quote. Also, all Dell business line pc's (Optiplex, Latitude and Precision and maybe Vostro) would be quoted out with the 3 year next business day warranty. Basically, If something goes wrong, you call the 800 number, a few troubleshooting steps with an online tech to determine the problem and someone shows up the next day with parts in their hand to install.

PM me if you are interested
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