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Longo Toyota

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Dropped off my Rig yesterday for some free warranty work. my Advisors name is Frank Lorusso. I told him about the brake noise in reverse,sirius sounds poor,right uca ball joint leaking, and inner fender buldge.

results: He put me in a loaner (avalon) gave me new front brakes, new module for my sirus, claims the uca ball joint leak is from my lift so its not covered, and finally the buldge on my inner fenders, he took pictures and sent it to toyota. He says that toyota is coming out with an updated part soon but no exact date so he gave me a choice to either repair it with the same parts or to wait till the new parts come out, either way its gonna take a month to repair (dash and motor needs to come out) so I said I'll wait for the updated part.
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