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Light and Accessory Switches

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Just wanted to share the part number for the switches n' case anyone needs them.

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Re: Toyota Light Switches Part #

sweet! this sure beats the $45 they want for the "official" one
gotta share the great cheap find with everyone on the forum.
Hey Oscarr, thanks for posting that. I changed the title of the thread and made it sticky. We can all post up switches, part numbers and pricing here.
Lit Contura Switches (momentary and on/off) about $8 at your local electronics store
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very nice..we gotta start building the forum with good info on installs,painting stuff it ur self jobs.
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Good find oscar!

Right now im using the switch that came with my hella's on top of the dash. But i can not get the thing wired correctly!! :mad:
ur prob havin a problem with the relay.tricky little bastards.
Everything is wired per instructions, but i blow a fuse instantly when i hit the switch. i am horrible at wiring.
faulty connection or short.
gotta check the end connection to make sure that no wire is exposed.
dominic, we will take a look at it tomorrow at Demellos
10-4.. everything's wired and just sitting under the hood ;)
So, what happened with the switch, Dom? Update? I'm interested....
Another source, from the lighting master (FJVP)

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Where might I find the Toyota switch like the one in the 1st post? I called the Stealership in Carlsbad and spoke to a guy in the parts dept and gave him the Toyota Part Number, he told me $22.23 for one???

Any other suggestions, I just need one so I can finish wiring the fog lights in my ARB bumper! Thanks!
Go with the ones that I posted above. They are only $8 each, look better than the factory ones (IMO) and can be wired to light up, too!
i use the scion switches for ozunium posted above. i like em, you just need to to do a little filing to make em fit. and they are 10 bucks.
I have a set of stock lights on my roof rack, tied into the switch on the panel under the radio. How much trouble will it be to tie in new lights to the same switch if/when I put two more on my brush guard? I'm not the greatest at wiring, but I have a good friend who is and can do the work for me. I just want to know if I'd need to do a new switch or if I could tie it in like I suggested.
should run separate switch for every set of lights, nice to be able to select just one set of lights at a time.
to hook up more lights to same switch you just wire in another relay.
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