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I've been lockin into lift kits not sure which one is the best to keep the geometry right so nothin breaks to soon.
The best kit that i like is the Total Chaos kit, i just like it because my background comes from prerunning.
I also know rough country has a lift kit but its a cradel lift.
What would be better for long life, but also performance, cradel lift, longtravel with 4wd, or just a coil spacer lift ?

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- Avoid spacer lifts at all cost! -

Here is a full list of available FJC lifts:

If you plan on wheeling, then avoid 6" lifts. They will throw your center of gravity up high and make you a little tipsy.

Long travel is as you know fantastic for going fast in the desert. The problem's are, price, and the availability of fiberglass fenders.

I would personally recommend a 3" lift from OME (old man emu), Icon vehicle dynamics (formerly Donahoe racing), or King. OME is probably the most popular FJ/landcruiser/tacoma lift out there. Icon and King are especially well suited for going fast in the dirt.
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