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Kearny Mesa Toyota

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Wow, Now this is a good joint. My service writer is Oscar Araiza. I brought the truck in for the front diff leak but while I was there I mentioned the brake TSB and the fact that my inner cv boots were wearing and leaking grease around the axle. I thought for sure I would get some flack. Nope, not even a question about mods, lift or anything. They are replacing the transfer case seal, new brakes, pads and all, and the CV boots all under warranty on monday and giving me a rental to boot! I expected to pay for something, like the break pads at least but nope. Kick ass!! The only thing they requested is that I remove the bud builts because they don't want to be responsible for non oem parts. I think I can handle that. ;D

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Very Nice....There is still hope for dealerships....
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