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Jim's TJ

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OK guys, this might look long, but it is actually not that bad

My TJ is my main trail rig, so it is a little more modified than the DD.

a list
Custom roll cage, basically we tore out the front factory cage and added in a Orfab unit
On Board air, got tired of refilling that air bottle plus I can now run air tools
2 meter radio and cb
rack above the bed but under the roll cage doubling the storage
About to have a radio the will out drive the unit in the FJC installed
the transfer case has had a 2 wheel low installed and bad the slip yoke replaced with a cv joint carrier
custom drive shafts
Gearing is 4.88 to 1
the lift is a kit bash of several brands
the front tracking bar is a adjustable Currie unit
the rear is stock but on a tower I designed, I was ripping out custom rear track bars till I did this
front springs are 3 1/2 inch tuned nth degree, rear are HD OMEs
the front and rear differentials are both custom built curries, D30 and D44
I run the Nth Degree Jyro joint system for front control arms, short arm
The rear system is a little more trick, I move the shocks out, and relocated the spring mounts, the set up a center traction control arm that is triangled that completely stops any wheel hop or axle wrap. I was able to eliminate the upper control arms after that and run Rubicon express lower control arms.
I placed a 1/4 inch skid plate under the rear diff that extends forward enough to protect the u joint and have a poison spyder unit on the front, I put a 1 inch body lift on the jeep so I could raise the entire engine and drive train up 2 inches and install a flat belly pan skid plate, giving me 18 inches clearance under the middle of the rig. Protecting a few vital items under there like steering box and the control arm mounts it was skidded out.
Currie Rock ribzs protect the rockers and the rear corners have a set of Poison Spyder rear guards.
The rear bumper/ tire carrier is a Garvin unit that carries my hilift and 2 jerry cans, the front bumper is a custom made with it's winch guard/ light bar. I runs a Warn xd9000i with synthetic rope and a safety thimble. 4 offroad lights and a few other bells and whistles. Tires are M/T 33x12.5 Baja Claws on black steel rims. Just my little TJ
I have named it the Limited Baja Edition and it wears that on either side of the hood.
I needed the OME heavy duty springs because the safety and recovery gear I carry used to give the jeep a reverse rake till I upgraded.
I am currently shopping for a 4 to 1 transfer case.
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well I would be introducing the FJC, but it kinda burnt down a month ago. It was a nice ride, had it for 2 years and loved it.
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