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It's official...

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I hate all you guys that are at Ouray, on the way to Ouray, ready to leave for Ouray. That is all...
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Meh, we'll just the trails all to ourselves. Just don't tell us about what you won or how fun it was. We really don't need to know...
What's the big deal about Ouray? I know I know, easy to say cuz I'm not there. Oh well, I guess I'm alone on this one... I will just have to find out for myself next year, depending on trail closures that is. I heard quite a few are still closed, is that true?
I heard they are closing all the trails and blizzard conditions are expected through the weekend so no wheeling...

uh, oh yeah, that is the forecast for my weekend...

Darn, I really wish I was there :(
Well, at lest I am still liked by GTK. Cuz I am not at Ouray. But, I know the rest of you guys all hate me for some reason. ;D ;D ;D ;D
Some of us had to stay here to keep the site overflowing w/posts!
;) Anyone on the road posting up? Would like to be there in some sort of way. Like how is the caravan going. Almost like a trip report...come on guys and gals!
the slowboat (caravan) arrived in Ouray yesterday from what i gather. uphill has already posted some pictures of a pre-run.
Nothin but love for you all. ;D

Well, it's over now, so no more need for hatin'. ;D It's really hard to express the feel, and the majestic nature of that place. The people are great of course, but the mountains, tree's, water falls everywhere..... Nothing like it anywhere, except maybe in Switzerland and such.

We have some great trails in CA, deserts, mountains, beaches, etc. But, it's just not the same. For whatever reason, I've not had the same level of fear and respect for a switchback that I have for some of the points on on these Ouray trails. It's just different. There were some areas of Ouray trails that reminded me of Joshua Tree mining areas, others that reminded me of 90% of the trails we have, and some parts that reminded me of Big Bear. The thing is, I would get ALL of these different types of terrain and challenges on the Ouray trails.

Even if you are not able to make it to the summit, I'd recommend anyone that wanted some easy-moderate trails with breath taking scenery to check out Ouray. I'm not sure if I'll go back to the Summit, but I KNOW I'll go back to Ouray.
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I just got home a little while ago and I just want to go back. I have never had such a beautiful experience since that time I tried extacy. just kiddin, but I cant wait till next year!! There is no way I will ever miss a summit after that!!

I can't believe i'm back..

I can't belive i MADE it back..

I am so tapped it is unbelievable.
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