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Could I get some feedback on either tire.

I was thinking BFG because I know its tough, I like the tread and the look of white out. But dont like the mud getting stuck in the tread. And they seem to be a little narrow with a square look, which is fine.

I'm reading that Nitto is maybe a better all around tire. But its not as aggressive looking with that lighting bolt design all around. But It seems to look slightly wider.

Nittos were on my 4x2 in the past and they are a really well made tough tire too. If they can handle the Baja without a flat thats a tough tire. But I just cant decide and need some advice to help put me over the fence either way. I like them both but can decide ??

I would like to use them for:
Daily Driving
Rocky trails
Confidence in occasional Snow
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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