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If I was to buy a Wolo Horn....

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What would you buy? I want to replace the factory one with a Wolo and use the same wires and same place. can this be done? Can I add more than one with the same wires and be OK. Is it a direct bolt up and PnP on the wires or do I need to splice them. Can I add one to the Aux horn location? What did you all spend and where to buy from? Or is there something better for about the same price. Train air horns are not gonna be my bag O' tea. (Loud Machine Gun fire horn would be fun :D)
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It will easily mount where the stock horn is. All you would have to is 'trim' a little plastic of the stock plug, and make your own ground. VERY VERY simple.

I loved that horn and plan on another (yeah mine fell off if you remember that story).

Just remember, you will need to switch out the stock horn fuse (10 amp) with a 15 amp or 20 amp. The 10 will blow after about 2 seconds of blowing the horn.

I got mine form pep boys for about $30 (price glitch), they are normally about $50. But i hear you can get the same thing, from harbor freight for a lot less. But is under the name Stebel.
Very cool Dominic. How much louder would you say it was? Thanks for the tip on the fuse also. That I did not know of.
How loud was it.. oh, I dunno.. maybe 4.5 stock horns??? Basically, people will hear your horn now hahaha.
I found this one at nothern tool and supply. Is this the one to get? Or should I get something other. Looking for a simple hook up.
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Yes that is the wolo bad boy.

I just picked up this pair from pep boys yesterday since my stock horn died: (twin power model)
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thank you! :D

Nice video also :D
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