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Icon lift install with pics

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I finally finished up installing my lift. I ran into a couple issues-breaking the UCA of the spindle, getting the rear coils in, and recovering from the soreness of being in positions I've never been in and using muscle I haven't used in a long long time :biggrin:

Ext. travel coilover with reservoir
Stock UCA unfortunately :frown:

2" lift coils
Piggyback ext travel shock




Rear: Can't see the suspension well but thats a 275/70R18 (33.4X11.5)

The ride is incredible...the rear feels like it's floating...both the front and rear make light work out of speed bumps, some pretty decent sized rutts, and a badly potted dirt road.
I'm very pleased with Icon. I'll have new UCAs on hopefully soon.
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I just installed my icon stage 2 and my front is way higher than the rear right out of the box the rear seams low. has anyone else experienced this ?
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