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I mounted my gps above my mirror on Sunday and didn't get a change to wire it until today. I finally routed the wires so its hidden with the power cord coming out of the middle of the mirror cap. Everything was going great. I turned on the GPS and plugged in the charger. The screen went crazy for half a second then it shut off. It wouldn't turn on or anything.

Apparently I couldn't just snip off the end that goes inside the AUX outlet and hard wire it to the battery. There are some voltage reducer thingys that are in piece that I cut off.

The goods news I guess is that I bought it for $125 on Black Friday, the bad news is that I was thinking about selling it to a friend.

So I'm assuming the 12v that I put through the GPS fried it. Any way of getting it fixed? I've read Magellan's customer service sucks ass.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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