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I think just fried my GPS :(

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I mounted my gps above my mirror on Sunday and didn't get a change to wire it until today. I finally routed the wires so its hidden with the power cord coming out of the middle of the mirror cap. Everything was going great. I turned on the GPS and plugged in the charger. The screen went crazy for half a second then it shut off. It wouldn't turn on or anything.

Apparently I couldn't just snip off the end that goes inside the AUX outlet and hard wire it to the battery. There are some voltage reducer thingys that are in piece that I cut off.

The goods news I guess is that I bought it for $125 on Black Friday, the bad news is that I was thinking about selling it to a friend.

So I'm assuming the 12v that I put through the GPS fried it. Any way of getting it fixed? I've read Magellan's customer service sucks ass.
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You are right about their customer service. I would think that if it's fried, it's done. The board is probably toasted. Sorry to hear of your electronic misfortune.
I can sell ya my garmin c550. I've been wanting to get a full 8 inch screen with topo maps and all. It's bluetooth capable as well as recieves real time traffic info and reroutes ya the quickest way to your destination. Auto updated the time and dims at night. And you can put your color FJ as the icon on the screen. Auto Locks so unless you start from your house you can have a lock code that would make it useless for any theif.
Lemme know if interested. I havn't put it in the for sale section yet but if you need it we can swing somethin.

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