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i have a question for dominicG.
Its about your pop-up tent on your car.
If you take off the ladder, will the tent fall>? :-\
and if the tent falls will you be able to escape?
or are you stuck eating Rear End Product on the desert floor
please reply immediatly.
this could be a life or crap eating situaiton

k thx bi

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The tent won't fall..

I can jump out of one of the 3 other "escape" hatches if it comes down to it.

P.S. i have laser beam security system with security cameras. mess with my tent, and your going down... ASAP.

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not if i lock all 3 escape hatches
and get rid of your security system
you might just be eating sour gummy worms....

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watch out dominic, you might be sleeping with the worms again
in urine.
by a bear or something else..

JK!!!!!!!! ;D

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Thank God im not going on this trip!!!!! ;D
and you are going to be flying in your tree house?
it gives you powers too? :eek:
i want one.
but you still didn't answer my question.
will it fall if you take off the ladder? :-\
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