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i am thinking lampost...

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so last time we all did the lampost pizza get together in corona it was a blast. i have no idea how it was put together.. all i know is i have 20$ to someone (sorry bad with names) and she put it all together...

SO i posted this to see how many people want to do this gathering another time... and if you know who organized it please say who it was
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I think Sandabbe put it together. It was fun but a little crowded in my opinion. be willing to go again, I'm sure it would be less people than christmas.

we can set up a date in a bit after all the current events have passed :)
Ya, Sandabbe and I put it together. That's who you owe the money too. haha. Sounds good to me, love their veggie pizza. Yummmmm.
sorry sista, I forgot you were in cahootz on this one. Man, anything over 10 minutes ago is hard for me to remember, no wonder the military gave me a top secret clearance, even under torture I wouldnt be able to give up any info cause I dont umember it. heheheh

Hahaha, that has to be one of the coolest parts about this forum!! Scrolling text haha. And it brings a point across perfectly!! haha.
Im always down for lampost,

maybe this time i'll see the MF'er that stole my sunglasses :mad:
MudLovingFJ said:
we can set up a date in a bit after all the current events have passed :)
sweet... sounds like in time we will meet and invade lampost agin HAHA
Sounds fun! I'll keep my eyes peeled for a date and time. Hopefully I'll be able to make it.
We should do this soon, If your gonna move to Utah. I'm always down for pizza.
I missed the last one. Not this one. Me likey pizza.
I'm down!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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