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Hungry Valley 3/08/08, anyone in?

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Going to Hungry Valley OHV on Saturday. Had a few people together, but they dropped out due to prior plans or unexpected occurences.

Planning on meeting at Ralphs in Castaic around 12 to 12:30. Head on down after that. Get a good day of play in.

The time may change depending on when Oscarr can get out of work (earlier or a little later). Planning on a bbq for dinner. Going to pick up some dogs, condiments, and drinks at Ralphs.

Anyone in? PM me.

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Re: Hungry Valley 3/15/08, anyone in?

Darn! I meant 3/08/08!!! No the 15th.
Re: Hungry Valley 3/15/08, anyone in?

"tomorrow" would have worked better. ;D
Re: Hungry Valley 3/15/08, anyone in?

yea i know! wanna go?
cant go, but i changed the date for you ;)
HV is where I popped my rig's cherry (get it? It's a black charry FJ) and I'd love to go out there again.. Unfortunately, tomorrow really doesn't work for me. Perhaps next time.
thanks dominic!

Too bad you cant make it koko. Hopefully I will find someone. Don't like going alone. Unsafe.
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