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Hella Matador Work Light Mounted!

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Decided to mount the light on top of my spare tire gas can holder. I will be pulling the wiring tomorrow night, and using quick connects, should I need to remove the gas can or spare tire. (I'll be using a super siphon to move gas from the can to my tank, so I won't need to remove it to refuel).

I did not want to mount it on either side of the spare as it would be useless illuminmating the opposite side.

I removed the bottom portion of the light mount and slid the remaining mount over the stud on the gas can holder. Tightened it up with a lock nut and washer.

It's very sturdy and can still swivel. The light itself has a switch on the back side, and I will also be adding a Contura switch for it in the cab.

I'll post more pictures once it is wired. Any comments are welcome!

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very nice and effective matt, nice job. can i ask you where you got your gas can mount and did it require modding?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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