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Here is something I've been dealing with all morning on my Mustang forums - deleting/banning accounts, etc. It's a guerilla marketing push by Power TV. Something to watch for....dang spammers:

IMachU said:
They posted on here under a few different accounts and I have removed all links and accounts for them. I am glad we didn't join up with them. Sounds a bit fishy.

if you see any more, let me know..I think they got the hint.

A massive guerrilla marketing forum spam campaign has been exposed. It looks like it spans more than 100 automotive forums, and involves some of the bigger names in the industry: Holley, Dynomax, Comp Cams, SEMA, GM, and others.

This will be covered on (or a new designated site), but I wanted to break it here first.

It's being run by PowerTV. They're a new "internet TV" company, with much of the same advertiser-driven content we see in the mainstream hot rod TV shows. They're run by James Lawrence, an ex-Primedia guy. They operate the following hot rod and sport compact websites (among others):,,,,, and .

They are using forums to push advertisements for Comp Cams, Holley, Dynomax, Turbonetics, SEMA, GM, and others. They film promotional videos for companies, and then advertise those videos by mass-spamming forums.

The main guerrilla marketer for PowerTV goes by the username of "Powermelissa" -- Melissa Lawrence, the host of many of the PowerTV promotional videos. By my understanding, she is the wife of James Lawrence, the CEO of PowerTV. I first noticed her on our forums, advertising for PowerTV. I asked her to stop (via PM and, later, a phone call). She agreed to not post again. Then, she posted more adverts on the forum. This happened at the same time that I got an email spam from someone else at PowerTV. Red flags. So, I investigated.

Melissa has been making the rounds of dozens (if not hundreds?) of automotive forums, copy-pasting promotional posts for her clients.
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