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1996 1200cc Sportster. this thing was my obsession before the FJ. I bought it for $4200 back in 01 I think, when it was not running and fully stock. after about another too many bucks it's to just about where I would put another $4000 into it. heheh but thats just me, I was gonna chop and rake out the front.
OK, The list
NEW tires, wiring, speedo and bracket, Vance and Hines straight shot exhaust, S&S Carb and filter cover, Drive belt, battery, control cables, regular servicing, Progressive 3"Lowered rear shocks, Ignition module, horn, and a ton of other this and thats.
other stuff that it has but I would change. I already talked about the raked out chopper front, It has a dual saddle with a sissy bar but the stiching is dry rotting. easy fix in Mexico for like 40 bucks or a new seat of your choice and price. The Peanut gas tank, if it was chopped out would look awesome but the way I have set this bike up I would personally get a fat boy stile tank. already I get Hog riders asking me what model this is. It's not a Girly or newb sporty, this sucker shoots 6 inch flames and hurts ears. I will include the leather saddle bags and german style helmet. I love this bike but It's not a family toy. especially with a new one on the way, OOPs did I leak that. lol.
I will take $4700
Pics to come.


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man, I would so buy it if i had the money and a place to keep it...

BTW, congrats on the new little one on the way!
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