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Hannah Montana

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I'm confused. What is her name? She was born with the name "Faith Hope Cyrus", but she goes by "Miley Cyrus", and she is called "Hannah Montana"

What the heck??

And she is 15!! She sure as hell doesn't look like it. :-\

How is she so popular? She's not too bad looking, but to me, I see baby teeth, and small eyes that are too close together.

And not to mention, she can't sing for her life

She sounds like a robot.

I just hope she doesn't turn into another Lindsey :(

That's all.

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Thats Hollywood for you! She'll be a trainwreck in a few years.
Heeehheeee....Hannah Montana.....heehee....wink wink.
NOOO I am so sick of her!
I am too, I'm just ranting about her.
You otta see her on set pampered like you would not believe. Her and Daddy pull up in a green old 56 cameo pick up truck on the lot.
Huh? They drive up to the set? Is that what you are trying to say? Sorry, for some reason that doesn't compute in my brain.
Yep Daddy drives her to the lot(term for studio)...The show is filmed at Tribune Studios...I was just there yesterday.
Oh really? For what? Did you meet her or Mr. Achy Breaky Heart? (That song makes me angry. It makes me want to strangle someone)
I was on set looking at the perms to see if we could get some equipment around and through the set to get to some lighting stuff.
Don't ask me how I know, but this is how I think it goes ::)

Her birth name is "Faith Hope Cyrus." The name "Miley" is a short version of her nickname "Smiley." Hannah Montana is just a character/singer created by Disney for a TV show. She took the name Hannah Montana when she got the role in the show with her dad Billy Ray.

One of my friend's band are good friends with another band by the name of "MetroStation." One of the members is supposedly the brother "Miley" Cyrus.

And I agree, she can't sing, has a weird but not annoying voice, and has small crooked teeth.

And she sure as hell doesn't look 15. Especially at the Oscars...
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I heard that Dominic really likes Hannah Montana...he even has a sticker of her I think ;D
Perms....hahaha They are the upper portion of the catwalk or Grid that the lights are on
all i know about this stupid girl is i now have sticker residue and left over sticker on my back window... THANKS EVIL-DO-ERS
I thought you were gonna check your car when you left...guess you didn't you were to busy throwing a burrito at me and stephanie
Haha, when did you finally notice??

It's ok Dom, when Arien and I raced home, before he got in his car, he put one smack in the middle of my back window, and it's really noticable on my car. Now not only do I have residue on THE MIDDLE of my back window, I also have a clean spot. Grr.
i noticed it when i got home. i thought the burrito was the only attack, lol.
DominicG said:
all i know about this stupid girl is i now have sticker residue and left over sticker on my back window... THANKS EVIL-DO-ERS
Thats awesome, I was actually looking into how much it would cost to gorilla wrap a truck (or a cheap do it yourself type) so I could turn someones FJ pink and watch them freak out until they realized it peels off.

Ya, we like to mess with eachother, welcome to socal. haha.

Darn Dom! Why didn't you tell us that you found out about it? We thought you still had it on there, that's why I posted this, to see if you found it or not! haha.

(You can get Arien back...this whole week I've been pretending that I saw it on his car, and every time, he freaks out!! It's funny.)

You know you liked it Dominic.
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