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I have the Parrot and the Jawbone, and the motorolla blue thing. Neither work for crap. I am looking at one from Kenwood with their high end stereo, dvd, entertainment system, it is the 8120. But it is well over a 1200 bucks.

I have the one in the GMC and it works perfectly, but the minutes are so damned expensive. I am at a loss as to what to tell you.

The parrot worked fine for about a week, took it back and they got it working again, but then I had to re pair it everytime I got in the truck, now it will not work at all, can not pair for some reason.

The jawbone is Verizons military type ear bud. Well I had a string and coffee cans, when playing army as a kid, pretty much the same as I see it.

Good luck Rico, I honestly have no suggestions
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