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Golf...Do you play? Favorite course(s)? Index?

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I realize that modding and mudding take up most of your time but if you play list your favorite course(s) and your index.

My favorite courses are Oak Creek in Irvine, Miles Square in Foutain Valley and Robinson Ranch in Santa Clarita.

My index is 88.
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I have clubs. I started with about 50 golf balls, now down to about 8. I usually end the game by teeing off, losing the ball, going to the next hole, then repeating the last sequence. But I like to go and spend some time outdoors with cool people and kill a few hours. I've been about 20 times, not counting the bunches of range days.

In other words, I'll go golf with you for fun and laughs, just don't keep my score!
It's all good....I go for fun and not to compete. I have played with guys that are so competitive that it takes the fun out of the day. Just go out and hack for 4 hours, get to know people and have fun. Thats whats in my bag!
I don't understand golfing. People say they do it to relax, but every time I go to the course with my gramma and grampa, everyone is yelling and angry because they can't hit the ball in the hole.

I don't want to try, because I hate that feeling of frustration. :-\
If you don't try how do you know if you will suceed and not be frustrated?
I have red hair, I get frustrated easily! hahaha

I might try it soon though, my boss loves golfing, and the whole office goes on golfing adventures together. I might get invited one day. :)
The last time i went golfing i was "removed" from the course,

Apparently Happy Gilmore is the only person allowed to play golf with a hockey stick...

But seriously, golfing is a good way to burn time, and hang out. But i still never learned how to play, i just swung away and had no idea what i was doing.
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