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Getting more tattoo work today

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After waiting a month I finally get some more of my tattoo done today. Two more appts. and my first half sleeve will be done. I`m already thinking of ideas for my other half sleeve in a few months or so. I`m trying to incorperate my FJ into it some how. I was thinking of having it on the inside of my arm driving up a steep trail heading towards a cliff maybe with a light house there or a wicked storm by the ocean that would be on the front of my arm, that would be cool. Just one of many thoughts just thought I would share. Or maybe someone else has some cool ideas let me know. Steve
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There was a dude at the Summit with an FJ in his tattoo. Pretty cool.
Was he the one who had it on his leg? He was very dedicated
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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