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Free OEM Running Boards

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FJ Piper, the really cool Trail Teams owner, has given me his OEM sliders. So, as MudLovingFJ said, I'm returning the good fortune. Free OEM running boards to anyone in the So Cal area. Very good condition, too.
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I'm in West Garden Grove when I'm not at work, and I'm in/around the 60/605 interchange when I am at work (Pico Rivera/Whittier area). I'll be at the Meet and Greet if you wanna get them next Saturday. Bring a socket and ratcher to fit the bolts under the rocker panels on your rig, and I'll even help ya install them.

Post here if you want them so I can take them off the board as "sold."
yeah i'll be at meet and greet
but i was gonna get the running board for a friend
either way i'll see you at the meet and greet
thanks alot though
The M&G is only 5 days away. I can meet you if you want. Where are you located? Or if you have Boost Mobile....Where you at? :D
yeah i can wait til the Meet and Greet
i'm in Los Angeles
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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