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Welcome to the Southern California Toyota FJ Cruiser Forums

Please take the time to read the following rules and regulations
If you do not follow the rules and regulations you can/will be warned, temporarily banned, or permanently banned based on the severity of the infraction.

First of all, be nice. This is a place for fellow Southern Californians to discuss the Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Trolling is not allowed. If you have nothing constructive to offer, your account will be banned. Spamming links to competing forums or other businesses is considered trolling.

Post in the appropriate section. This is especially important for topics that belong in Off-Topic.

Keep your avatars and signatures clean. The Off-Topic section has been created so that people who want to see those items can, and people who DO NOT want to see them can avoid them. By using an inappropriate avatar or signature, you deny them the ability to avoid it.

Stay respectful. If you feel something negative towards a user/post, please try to state your case in a calm and respectable fashion. Replying to the post just to stir the pot and not offering anything of value is highly frowned upon. Contact a moderator or administrator if someone is being disrespectful. The following are some of the behaviors that are not acceptable:
Advocacy of suicide or of violence to others: If you tell someone to kill themselves, or to harm someone else, you will be suspended without prior warning. Example: "Go kill yourself."
Extremely cruel or hateful content directed toward another user: This includes content in private messages.
Sexual Harrasment. Defined as unwelcome sexual advances, sexual suggestions, or sexual content directed at another user, when reported.

Vendors: Vendor "Discussion/Reviewing/Complaints" are allowed. However, it is not allowed to the point that you can make a post in every thread the vendor participates in to ruin his day, etc. Make your thread in whatever section you feel appropriate, state your case, and be done with it. Harra$$ment will not be tolerated. Members are free to discuss and even reccomend the products and services of vendors. The moderators reserve the right to edit posts they deem to violate this rule.

You will not post "copyright-protected" material in its entirety. You may post a small snippet of an article, but you may not post the full text. Please provide a link (if possible) to the material.

You may only have one membership account. Multiple accounts are not permitted and will be deleted.

You will not post a person's private information that is not otherwise publicly available.

No pornographic material. This is a family friendly forum. No one shall post any picture, drawing, blurry image, etc with any form of nudity or pornographic intentions.

Warnings, Suspension, & Banning

If a member violates any rules, he or she may be contacted by a moderator or administrator with a reminder of the forum rules and a request to keep the rules in mind in the future. Depending upon the severity of the violation, moderators or administrators may include a warning that continued violations will result in suspension. Members who have ignored prior warnings or committed a serious breach of their membership agreement may have their membership suspended for a period of time. If necessary a member will be banned from the forum. Also depending on the severity of the action, you MAY NOT receive a warning.
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