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What do you think so far?

  • I am totally addicted and LOVE the forums! I need help.

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  • Only on occasionally, but enjoy being here.

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  • Kinda borieng, forum needs some help.

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  • Bleh. Can't stand these forums.

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  • Other (explain yourself in a post)

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We have been up and running smoothly for almost 2 months now . Going on 175 members (not too bad for a regional forum!)
Just wanna know what everyone thinks so far...
I would love to see this site grow into something big!
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I'm kinda between #1 and #2, so I voted the number I am actually closest to....#1.
I'd like to see some socal vendors only on here. Not only vendors who offer FJ group buy stuff, but maybe some other stuff we might be into. Gamming PS3, Xbox, Wii, guns, back packing/camping stuff, computers. No just offering a small discount to the first ten people, but keep it open for like 6 month. Not everybody has money to get stuff all at the same time. Just a few thoughts. Cheers :D
I love this forum, Mostly all FJ's and all in our general area, it's more personal than the blue forum and more vehicle specific than A4X4. It' will continue to grow as more folks are turned on to it. I just wish I could have stars by my name, I dont want to be a mod, I just like stars. lol 8)

I would have to agree with most of the posters above... feels more local, needs local vendor support etc.

I do go to the blue, because I am new to this FJ stuff (and love it) so any information is good information for me. I do however prefer it local cause I can't drink a pint with someone in Florida when I want to...

One thing we found with local boards that matured/spawned from larger national or worldwide forums was to expect some slowness at times... I like the forum, but am looking to do more in the way of meeting up, hitting the dirt etc.

PS - planning the pizza party as we speak, soon to be announced.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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