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This stuff had been sitting in the garage for weeks. Kept waiting for a good time when my friend could help me, didn't want to attack it alone.

Finally gave in and hit it on my own last Friday. I should not have waited. Other than breaking the corner blocks taking off the bumper cover which cost me a couple of days, total install winch and mount was well under two hours. Oh yeah, I did have to have Paul at Defiant Truck modify my light bar so it would still work with the Lucrum mount.

Anyway, it is in and functiional. Now I definately need to get the Dirty Parts dual battery set up. I tested the winch pulling my friend Tundra a few feet with the wheels locked up and the engine really labored under the load. I think you could drain the battery and outpace the engine's charging capacity pretty quick.

I'll get some pics up tomorrow
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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