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Finally installed the Lucrum winch mount and winch

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This stuff had been sitting in the garage for weeks. Kept waiting for a good time when my friend could help me, didn't want to attack it alone.

Finally gave in and hit it on my own last Friday. I should not have waited. Other than breaking the corner blocks taking off the bumper cover which cost me a couple of days, total install winch and mount was well under two hours. Oh yeah, I did have to have Paul at Defiant Truck modify my light bar so it would still work with the Lucrum mount.

Anyway, it is in and functiional. Now I definately need to get the Dirty Parts dual battery set up. I tested the winch pulling my friend Tundra a few feet with the wheels locked up and the engine really labored under the load. I think you could drain the battery and outpace the engine's charging capacity pretty quick.

I'll get some pics up tomorrow
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I can't wait for pics....sounds great!!
Very Nice! Throw dem pix up Rick!
Nice.....The dual battery is the way to go for adding all the extral electrical circuts for winch, lights and other stuff.
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