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Event Necessities

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Location: Psycho Ranch
Date: 7/15-7/17
Vendor support
Safety staff
Food (BBQ)
Trail organization

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I'm leaving EARLY Sunday. Need to be at ranch around 9:30. It's the only way unfortunately.

I would prefer an easier name as well. "AllCalFJ" should be in the name somewhere. If that's taken, then we can add "events", "meet", or whatever other phrases that makes sense.

Matt, I'm cool with the shirt stuff. I needed to appear impartial with Eric as you can understand. It's easier to keep things centralized.

Keeping fingers crossed that the ranch will work out. Great location. Just hope it is truly big enough!
My fingers are crossed too.

Maybe we can head out in the weeks following. I'd love to check out the ranch. is available...what do you guys think?
Beautiful. Love the name. Just thinking though, could you check "CaliforniaFJs"?
I like having AllCal for the name recognition, but CaliforniaFJs just roll of the tongue better. Can't go wrong with either. and CaliforniaFJCruisers are both available.

I kinda like the AllCalFJCruisers since we have SoCalFJ Cruisers and NorCal FJ Cruisers.....

Up to you...
Dang it, bounce it back to me...

In the meantime...

We need 4 trailbosses. 2 more for back up.

Administrative staff: tickets/raffle, shirts, admittance, misc.

Security: 3-4 guys to be mindful of what's happening around the camp.

Medical staff: 2 preferred, but 1 is OK.

Food staff: Will need a leader and maybe he/she can pick a few more to help buy food and prepare them.

There might be more but I can't think of it yet.
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AllCal definately in the name!!!! recognition is very important!!! thats what folks know the event as...we cant change it up now.

got the PM from tater...sounds like we need to get a conference call going sometime very soon. i'm good any night after 7 or 8 pm.
i have a feeling this is going to get a little difficult with setting up boundries (norcal/socal/centcal) and planning, involvement, etc. that we have a date nailed down, what's next?

I'm ready!!!

Has anyone talked to Tater again?
Matt, what's involved with website? Cost? Time?
Cost will only be the $12 or so for the domain name, and I can host it along with the rest of my websites.

Time...I can pull something together by the end of this weekend if I have the ok to go ahead.
Matt, let's go with AllCalFJCruisers. Tater's site wasn't well used last time. I hope with the early start this time, we can take better advantage of it.

Thanks for helping out!
Last week. Nothing new. He wants a set date for the event for every year. We can do that NEXT time. I don't like following Summit and don't like to be sandwiched between that and Sedonafest. I'd rather be the first event of the Summer.
Agreed. When it's back up in "CentralCal" or "MidCal" he can do what he wants.
And I made a facebook page using that name. First one so don't laguh! It's a work in progress. lol.
Oh gosh. Want me to set it up? Make me an admin so I can help and send me the link.
41 - 60 of 89 Posts
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