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Event Necessities

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Location: Psycho Ranch
Date: 7/15-7/17
Vendor support
Safety staff
Food (BBQ)
Trail organization

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Just got off the phone with "Kern River MRA Campground". Sounds like a cool place. Should I start a new thread with the info or post it here?
i'd just post it here so we can keep it in one place...for now.

talked to cris about some locations in julian. sounds OK...but not sure on his followthru and how quickly he'll move on making contacts. i told him we need to know something ASAP. the one area is a campground on 84 acres.....privately owned....outside of julian ( close to AB and surrounding area).

as soon as i hear from him i'll post up and let yas know.

food: i think we need to do some sort of BBQ. hamburgers/hotdogs/chicken/salads/beans...... easy and cheap.
maybe get some breweries to donate some kegs? then we can have a 'DONATE TO THE BAR" area as well.

we'll need a sound system of sorts. i think sean can help us out with that.
piper can possibly help with AV stuff too....we can run movies on a screen for the kids...have a play area set up.

i'm just rambling but i'm spitting out thoughts as they surface.
more to follow..........
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Good start, I'll try and update post one with the latest "stuff".

Matt, if you can confirm location, we can move forward with date. After that it's identifying activities around the area.

Chris, thanks for getting in touch with Cris.

I've spoke to Greg again and he's looking for us. Maybe we can borrow Psycho Ranch, which is right next to 3N59A and in the heart of some great wheeling!
That would be killer Tony! Otherwise I think Kern is next in line.

I'll post info on Kern in the morning. The only problem is the price. How many days are we thinking? Just a weekend? Or 3 days?
Friday to Sunday. Come in on Friday and leaving Sunday by around noon.

I just emailed a Psycho member (Hummer club), hopefully he can come through for us.
Ok, here's what I know so far. I ended up calling the Kern River MRA Campground and spoke with the owner, John. Very nice guy and said he's always wanted to have a group like ours up there.

Kern River MRA Campground

From the website:

MRA's Kern River campground is a fully equipped campground with 34 camp sites (see map below), deluxe bathrooms, hot showers, drinking water, picnic tables, fire pits, and group gathering area. Located along the banks of the Kern River, enjoy immediate river access for fishing, horseshoe pits and hammocks to relax in after a great day of adventure. Call us today at (800) 861-6553 to reserve your camp site!
Out of the hustle and bustle of downtown Kernville, our campground is located just 2.5 miles north of Kernville. This area is also our check-in center for Class IV-V river trips on the Forks, Upper and Lower Kern. Man folks enjoy that they can drive to one location in Kernville, set up camp, and then walk over to check-in for one of our exciting Kern River rafting trips.
If you come to Kernville to just get away from it all, our campground is a great place to relax. With amenities such as volleyball, shuffle board, horseshoe pits and convenient river access we can help you fully relax and enjoy. We also encourage you to join us in helping to preserve the ecology of the Kern River.
Reserve one site for your family and friends, or all 34 sites for your group, just ask us. Our camp sites book up quick, so reserve early. Summer months such as July-August can be very warm in Kernville. We recommend that you bring along an Easy-Up shade canopy to provide extra shade while camping. Since we do not have hook-ups, self-contained RVs are a must.
Adventure, relax and enjoy with MRA!
Up to six persons per site (including children).
Reserve one of our adventure activities, like rafting, with your camping reservation and receive a discount on camping (see price chart below).
The MRA Kern River campground is one of the more popular destinations in Kern County, so reserve your spot early. Call us at (800) 861-6553 or to reserve Kern

Here's what I found out from him:

It's tent camping only, no trailers, or RV's due to the lack of hookups.
They have hot showers, clean restrooms and an amphitheater. I believe there is a small additional charge for the use of the amphitheater.

The campground will hold 220 people...there are 34 sites, and he said 6 people and 2 vehicles per site, and they have two large overflow parking lots.

They also have a dining area and can provide BBQ meals or whatever for an additional charge.

There's plenty to do in the trails (sherman pass, piute mounts, greenhorns), rafting, mountain biking, etc...the owner even said he could set up a rockgarden/ crawling area for us.

Here's the kicker:

To rent the whole campground, we are looking at $1,600 per night. They would require a 50% deposit to book, and the remainder paid at the time of the event.

I say Big Bear would be the best if we could get it, and I can still call a couple other campgrounds in Kern.
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Wow, facility sounds great. If we have 150 people, that would be $20/person. If 90 vehicles, then it becomes $36/person. Are they flexible on pricing at all?

I hear a little noise about the Psycho Ranch this morning. Still waiting for the big boss to respond (owner).
btw, are the sites really close to each other? How far is the common parking area to this? I know people like to be close to their vehicles.
I'm not sure if they're flexible or not. I could ask.

Interested to know more about Psycho Ranch. Where is it exactly?
btw, are the sites really close to each other? How far is the common parking area to this? I know people like to be close to their vehicles.

Take a look at the map on their site....
Let me get it on google for ya.
Here it is: 34.361977,-117.114252

Sorry I couldn't get google map to show a proper link (office is running ie 6!), but if you paste that in, it'll show. Our trail (3N59A) is just below. You can actually see it from their ranch.


Looked at the map link. Place looked awesome. If they can bring down the price a bit, I'd jump on it!
I'll shoot them an email and check one of the other campgrounds up there.
Good deal thanks.
Here's the email I just received from the same campground in Kern...they are pricier than he had first mentioned on the phone.

Hello Matt,

Thanks for the call, we hope were able to provide you all with a site and
more this summer.
Some of things i said i get back to you was the price of the Bull Run
Pavilion. It is $375 for a half day and $700 for the whole day.
The camp ground is $48 per site $42 with activity per night, 6 per site.
Some can have up to ten, and we adjust the price as a per person cost
$7.00 per night. To rent the whole campground site (37) is $1800. It
does not include the pavilion.
We do do meals: Breakfast :
Scram let is eggs with red and green peppers, , mushrooms, etc, muffins,
fresh fruit, bacon or sausage, ham. (choose one). OJ, coffee, hot tea,
cold and hot cereal as well. $15.ea
Lunch: We could do either deli spread or burger and hot dogs, chip,
cookies , fruit, drinks, all the fixings. $15
BBQ Dinner: Tri Tip and Chicken, green salad, fresh grilled veggies,
Garlic bread, beans, Desert (brownies). $25 with beer and wine $35 a

I also can help you with 4x4 road and cool places to go to for all the
folks. We do a few festivals there and if kids are also coming, we have a
climbing wall and could also have bounce house and stuff their. The river
is right next to the campground, so fishing , cooling off, wading, etc all
can be enjoyed. OF cousre we have all our actiivties: rafting, mtn
biking, lake lkayaking, climbing wall and ropes course available.
IF you have any more question or if you'd like to meet up here and check
it out, I'd be happy to show you our place. 760-379-0536 is my cell.
Thanks again Matt, cheers John
Sounds like a resort.
wow...thats pricey. $36+ a person is asking for alot in this economy.
havent heard from cris. he knows this was an ASAP thing i said before....i'm not expecting much to happen at his end.

have we asked spert yet?
Haven't talked to Spert yet. Though we were going to after we've finalized location?
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