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So...I was bored at work (what else is new), drudging around on an old car forum that I used to frequent when I still had my CL-S, when it dawned on me. I quite possibly could have been the first member on this board, and certainly in the top hundred or so in the blue room, to have ever logged miles behind the wheel of a FJ. ;D

And, yes...I stand by my initial reveiw. ;)

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There are some nice quotes in that thing...

"i'm actually considering trading my runner in on the fj but i'm concerned i'm too old for the thing at 32....image wise. if it's gonna be all kids driving them i don't want one."

Next two from the same person...

"i think it looks pretty ridiculous, "
"I like the new rav4, i guess that means i have the same taste in cars as middle aged women, haha" WTF????

For Dom...
"I think that color with the white roof looks pretty ridiculous. Otherwise, the body style is very cool. I'd like to see it in other colors."

Yeah Doug!
"i wouldn't get the blue either. black or silver is where it's at. "

Man Purple hater...
"There is a dark cherry color that looks good, too....but not my style."

The first "Spotted you???" 2/3/06
"I saw that EXACT car driving down the 405 Thursday morning!!!"
"405 between the 22 and 605 going west at about 8 a.m. I honked, driver waived. I was in a red GTO; FJ was in the carpool lane, it got on the freeway at Westminster Blvd I believe"
"Yea, was an old white guy and his that thing was bitchin though."

"I really like this segment with the Wrangler and everthing but I think this FJ is a tad too ugly not only based on looks but also the two tone paint job. Think it also skipped over what the wrangler/old FJ market is about- Removable hard top, not huge a$$ suv looks/size so its more maneuverable on offroad trails, maintains a solid retro look, etc.

This FJ looks the size of a 4-door suv. It goes retro as far as a sparce interior and the front end of the vehcile but the rest, no way. Was hoping for a more modern version of the Icon FJ"

Nice look back Doug, thanks!

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LOL! I am still a member of Acurazine. We own an 05 TL. Not as active as I was, thanks to the FJ ;) Good site with lots and lots of info.
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