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Hello All:

Recently did some 100,000 mile maintenance on my 2007 FJ. Engine Coolant & Transmission Fluid Flush & replace as well as front/back shocks. $1,500 later when I got it back, my AC only blows cold air at night when it’s 60 degrees. And even at night on the freeway, it’s no where near as cold as it was bf the service. During the day, (@70 degrees outside) I can just barley feel cold air if I put my hand right next to the vent & put the vents setting to blow only up top. Yes it has 100,000 on it but the AC was working very good/blowing cold before I brought it in & it was even hotter outside. It would blow cold when idling, but blows very warm now.

Called mechanic who did service, was told the engine coolant flush/replace has NOTHING to do with the AC. So they want to charge me again ($152) to check AC/recharge it & add Freon if it’s low. And more $$ if there’s a bigger issue.

My question - did this mechanic out and out lie that the AC problem is “purely coincidental” & has NOTHING to do with the service they did (engine coolant service)? Should I take it to someone else? (Think I know the answer to that). However, I have taken the FJ to them 2x before & never had a problem.

It just really irks me because I had to take out a small loan to pay the $1500 bill & now they want to charge me again right away without even checking to see if they caused the issue.

My last thing I’m going to try is changing the cabin filter… it’s due. But the [email protected]#m AC was working beautifully before I had them do the engine coolant service. View attachment 32336
***the above is what was done to the coolant system
Thank you all in advance!

Lisa S.
Honestly, bro, I think you were taken advantage of in this one. Flushing the engine coolant would not directly effect your AC unless you have an overheating problem, which you would have noticed by now. What you really payed for was replacement of the suspension components and that associated labor, but I honestly question if they did anything to them at all, or what quality and brand replacement they put back in if they did actually do the work. I’m honestly surprised they didn’t try to charge you more with suspension work combined with all the other stuff.

Your AC going out could be just a coincidence, or it could be that they tried to top it off and did that wrong by putting to much fluid into your AC system which causes it to over pressure and switch the compressor off. I had a problem very similar to yours that was ultimately caused by overfilling the AC system with fluid from one of those do-it-yourself AC recharging kits. It could also be that the clutch on your AC compressor is going bad on its own, but this problem is rare in our vehicles.

Good luck on the AC. If I were you, I would have the pressure on the AC system checked under max load by another mechanic you trust. If it’s over pressure, you may have indications that the last place/person to work on it tried to service it somehow.

- David
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