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"If you want to get your FJ serviced there, talk to David Fleischman. He is the Service Manager, will write you up and move your car in himself, he has an awesome 4WD 4-Runner himself and likes to wheel. He'll be joining us on some future runs so be nice. :)"

I did not buy my FJ there (got it thru a broker) but ended up taking it there from the begining (2007) for service and warranty issues. I recall seeing FJ_Pipers truck there a few times.

I concur David was a great and the reason I returned there repeatedly. He helped out on warranty issues, gave me a free engine steam cleaning after a muddy run and didn't charge labor for the cabin airfilter replacement after seeing me buying it at the parts desk. Simple things that did not cost the dealership, but went a long way towards customer satisfaction. I went there in Jan 2012 and they said he no longer worked there. The service rep that helped me was weak , didn't seem to know anything and only cared about trying to up sale me on fluid flushing etc... I finally cut him off and told him to stop trying to sell me ****! I would tell them what I wanted done.

It appears they had new people in the service center. I will not be going back. I guess I will try either HB toyota or garden grove toyota (the place).

FJ_Piper, not sure how well you know David, do you know if David is working at another dealership?
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