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I'll introduce myself Dustpark/ Brent. My favorite trail is Miller Jeep. Pine Mountain Club and Fraizer Park area is closest to home.
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Howdy B. It was really nice getting to see you in Johnson Valley for the FJC Challenge at the Hammers. Great job you big stud.
It really was fun doing the Fj Cruiser Challange. We did later talk about it being russian roulette. The front locker helped alot. It was basically on the entired time. I didn't relized you could turn so much with it on. Out of 9, 8 Fjc finished and 3 broke down. 1 broke tie rod, 1 front axle. 1 ring and pinion. I did have wheel hop on my rear a few times. You can't stop it, once it starts you just have to squinch and let it stop itself. I think if I was aired down a little more, I might have got the traction and cleared, But I ran it at 18 lbs. At 14 lbs the tires start to bulge and I needed the extra ground clearance. I like Clawhammer, but it's one of those trails that requires alot of work with a heavy IFS Fjc and you had better be prepaired for when the roulette ball falls on your number. Because it will sooner or later. I am going out there the 29th and running a medium trail, Fissure Mountain ...that trail will snatch you if your not careful. My sliders are looking mightly dinged and scratch up. My muffler is toast and my stock gas tank skid plate is really chewed on. Knock on wood. My FJ is solid. I really am having fun with it. :)
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Saw you at The Hammers, it was awesome.
It's nice to see you hanging out here, Brent!

Brent's rig is awesome and for those of you who haven't driven trails with him, he's an equally great driver and spotter.
Thanks Larry. It's been about a year since we did Deep Creek and Holcomb Creek. I was sweating when I first saw the waterfall at Deep creek. Tom's like I'M FIRST.. SPOT ME. This has been a good year of learning what this FJ is capable of. I'll try different lines this year on those same trails.
I too like Miller's. It was my first run may 2006 and I was stock with 285's. Listened to my a-trac alot that day. Welcome.
Howdy Brent! I have seen your FJ at the Costco in Torrance. I also got a close look at the Meet and Greet at Puente Hills. Awesome rig!
Sup Brent. Took me a while. I missed this thread!
Yeah, Cheryl and I love Costco. We go there often. Steaks, Wine. and stuff. Introduce yourself. I like to run Miller. I'll be at All-Pro tomorrow. Then we are going to this weekend. If you want to do a trail with us....... pm me.
Tony.... Fissure Mountain will intiate you. That trail will have you stack rocks and get spots from me and friends for 200 ft. That's why it's a baby run. It will still snag you if your not careful. Hope you don't.....snag like I did last year. ( Dude, nothing will break ) ........... See ya Saturday.

I edited for Tony...
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