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I've been wanting to start a weekly, or so, midnight run for some time now and today I just did it. I ended up doing Lynx Gulch Road, about a 5.5 mile long trail in Angeles National Forest off of Upper Big Tujunga Road. It had several water crossings, tree canopied sections and some mild ruts. I was prepared, took it really slow and had a great time. No pics this time but I will have video and pics for my next one. I will post a trail report on todays run later.

Ya know, I get off at 11 PM, and would love to tag along with ya! I have no off road lights, but I'll follow your well-lit (read-blinding) rig!

I, too, patiently, yet enthusiastically, await your full report and pics!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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