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Deals on eBay

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Post any FJ related eBay deals here!

Edit: There are now eBay tags in the post settings. All you need is the item number and you just paste it in the text box, highlight it, and click the 'eBay item' button. Done!
Just make sure you leave an item description.

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oh let me be the first...


- Oh now i figured out how you did that matt.. thanks for the edit ;)

Big A.. air tank..

I dont think u understand Dom. lol
Give the guy an A for effort though!
what.. the steelie is a deal...


TOYOTA 6 Lug Wheel Adapters Spacers W/Lugs 1.50" 2 Pcs
Buy It Now price: US $49.50

Looks pretty decent for 20 moneys

"Toyota FJ Cruiser Interior Light Looks Factory!!"
DominicG said:
what.. the steelie is a deal...

Yeah, but $42 for shipping?????
did not notice that part... lol
saw them at sears essentials for 32 bucks.

requires 9v battery? that's going to be a workhorse. :D
4 Steelies from Las Vegas. Starting bid is 0.99 and $85.00 for shipping of all. Just listed.

FJVP said:

1 3/4" clamps
Thanks! Bought four for quick fists (shovel/ax/tool mounts)...
A holy Crayup deal, FJ 40 still under 2000 bucks, running 4x4 with top, new glas man I may be cashing in some of my bonds for this one!!

I'm gonna wait till the last day to see how high it goes before I bid

1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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