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So I been trying to sell this item but was unable to get the right price or trade. I decided to just install it here some pics step by step. You can find the written instructions in the blue room. I gotta admit this car is easy to take apart and its not crowded inside the dash like other cars. Here the link if any one wanna peep out the pics.

Pictures:[email protected]/sets/72157608778820901/

Doc:(got this from the blue room "Voodo1)

Yes, it is possible to install the gauge pod / cluster in an FJ without doing a dash swap. And it is very easy. It took me less than 3 hours. You do not need the Fjammer stereo, nor do you have to remove nor modify any existing harnesses. Sorry I did not take any pictures to document this, but when I started this work, I was only planning on locating the wiring junction block and then install the gauge pod at another time. As soon as I found the wiring connector, I just kept working and before I knew it, the install was complete.

You need the following parts
83179-35020 Meter Cover
82142-35070 Wire Harness
83290-35081 Meter Assembly
83297-35050 Bracket
90080-17191 Nut (2 required)
90467-07138-B2 Clip (2 required)

1.You will first need to remove the center dash bezel and then remove the stereo to gain access behind the dash.
2.Remove the glove box. The one on the passenger side, bottom of the dash.
3.With the glove box removed, look up under the dash and remove the upper cover piece of the glove box. The is held in place with 1 phillips screw located next to the glove box latch striker and a slide clip towards the front of the vehicle. Use caution when removing this cover because there are 3 wiring connectors attached to the top side of it. There is a yellow connector on the right side and 1 blue and 1 white connector on the left side. I am not sure what the yellow connector is for, but the white connector is for the front speakers and the blue connector is for the clock and the gauge pod.
4.Unplug only the blue connector.
5.Unplug the clock connector located on the back of the clock.
6.Install the new harness (part # 82142-35070). Plug the blue connector of the harness into the blue connector located on the glove box top plate. Run the clock connector and gauge pod connector up to the center of the dash. This is the only part of the new harness that you will need to use. You can remove or tape off the antenna coax and speaker connections of the new harness. I left the original factory harness in tact and in use, rather than running new antenna coax and speaker wires from the new harness. The only connectors of the new harness (part # 82142-35070) I used is the blue connector, the gauge pod connector and the clock connector. I removed the coax and speaker wires from the new harness and re-taped it.
7.Next is the toughest part, mounting the gauge cluster. I covered the center part of the dash with blue painters tape to avoid any scratches or damage to the top of the dash. I centered the mounting bracket on the dash and traced the inner outline of the bracket onto the painters tape. I then centered the gauge cluster over the bracket tracing and marked a 3” x 5” hole where the gauge pod was to be located. I measured, re-measured, checked, double checked and triple checked the placement and measurements before cutting. Using a hand held drill bit, I drilled a hole at each of the 4 corners of the outline. The dash material is very soft plastic and I turned the drill bit by hand. I then cut out the dash using a utility knife. I then marked and drilled, by hand, the 4 holes needed for the mounting bracket.
8.Mount the bracket on the underside of the dash using the 2 # 90467-07138-B2 clips.
9.Plug the new harness connector into the gauge pod and install the gauge pod on the dash. Tighten the mounting nuts and install the gauge cover. Plug the new harness connector onto the clock. Re-install the stereo, center dash bezel and glove box.

It looks exactly like a factory install and it was very easy to do. There is no need to swap dashes, and no need for an Fjammer stereo. I know a picture is worth a thousand words, but I don’t have any pictures, so here are my thousand words. If anyone has any questions about my install, I am more than happy to answer them and help out as much as I can.
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