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What makes Icons "The best"? I happen to think that the Fox Shox 2.0 is the best Coil Over, especially with the remote adjustable reservoir. It's nice to dial in the ride stiff for street then adjust to melted butter for off-road, Smooooth!

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I have seen the programmable shocks and it is a cool idea but the way we run I think it is something else that will break. Sorry piper but from what I've seen Icon and King are top notch. Camburgs are there too.


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ICONs are for the most part, the best.

Yes i am biased.

ICONs are valved specifically for the FJ (not just the tacoma/4runner/fj combined like the OTHERS), and offer an optional remote reservoir, and two different sized coilovers (standard and extended(for optional upper control arms)).

The remote reservoir is a great option if you like to move through the dirt quickly, will keep your shocks cooler and extend their lifetime. No need for it if you are going to stick to crawling.

If price is not that big of deal, Kings would be next on the list.

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Order I would spend my money if I had it. :D

Icon - amazing build quality and great customer service, they have a digressive valving to maintaine a good on road feel while still giving you the performance off road. Dom also gave you a good description of them in his post.

King - One of the most winning shock company's in off road racing for the last couple decades so they have the history and the good reputation there only down side is they get a little to close to coil bind. Also wont give you as much travel as the Icon's.

SAW - a good shock but they've tuned there shocks more for the dirt then for the street so it can be little stiff.

Radflo - new to the shock world but seem to be making a good name for them selves. I can't make to much of a judgment on them though since I haven't seen them in person or ridden in a rig with them. but I like what I have seen.

Fox - biggest issue I have with them is that there Fox, all the bro's / flattbillers sport fox and I don't want to be anywhere close to that seen. Taken a good look at them and wasn't to impressed with them, the reservoir hose is very small and that can cause valving to do weird things. I'm sure it a good shock though just not for me.

Walker Evans - Been very disappointed in them I've seen way to many break / fail. I do know they have changed there design a little because of there failures but still makes me nervous also has a small hose like the fox.

All of the above will be nicer then stock and I'm sure you would be happy with any of them. There is also some cheaper options out there like the new toytec coil overs that funjunkie has that you might want to look into.
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