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body mount chop

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Hey guys,

I met up with cowboy4x4, and he did an awesome job on the body mounts. They came out so clean it looks factory! He also was very careful and detail oriented making sure to disconnect the negative batt. etc while welding, and using heat reflective tape on the rubber body mount to keep it from being damaged by the welding.. I highly recommend neone looking to get theirs chopped give him a shot. Not to mention the amount he charged me was VERY reasonable. I'll let the pics speak for themselves, got a little dirty after the rain this morning.

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Saw it in person on Saturday. Cleanest chop I've seen!
It looks good...even though I don't know exactly what I'm looking at...what exactly is the body mount chop for and where is it under my FJ? I've heard so much about it but I'm not sure what it is...From what I gather, you sometimes need this if you're running bigger tires? Thanks
It's for running bigger tires. The body mount is in the wheel well. If you get big enough tires, when you turn the wheel far enough the tire will rub on the mount. Chopping this mount affects nothing other than your turn radius.
Thanks a bunch IMachU...get your lift kit yet? What mods are we gonna see on your rig at the M&G? hehe I'm thinking about bringing a autographed baseball and selling raffle tickets to make money to mod out my FJ! haha
I just saw this now. Do you know what gauge steel was used to box it in? It looks thinner then the surrounding, but you probably won't need more strength then what's been used. I'm just curious.

Hey Tony,

Sorry for the late reply,
Using my oh so accurate Finger calipers, they are about as thick as The original metal used on the frame.

Hope this helps.

I like this body chop the best it looks the cleanest and easiest to do. Nice stright cut instead of having to cut on a diagonal. Looks easier to box in as well.
Where was this done? I need to get a body chop asap, I want to put my new shoes on before the Meet N Greet on Sunday at Stone Brewery!

I don't have that much $$, but I was hoping someone in the group could help me! My Dad is a welder and has a shop but they are in the middle of a huge job right now (they do structural steel) and I feel bad asking him when he is already working 12+ hour days.

If anyone can help please let me know!


My cell is (702)606-1527
I just now saw this.... sorry, did you get your body mount chop done yet ?. If not shoot me a pm ..... Thomas
The place that mounted my tires trimmed the mounts but they still rub, they did a half-ass job and didn't have a welder so they basically just cut what material they could.

I would love to get it finished and add a piece to close off where the rubber bushing is. Where are you located?
Hey Thomas, I would be interested too, Mabey a chop day?

I live in yorba linda now, a bod chop day is fine. It actually doesnt take very long at all.
I live in yorba linda now, a bod chop day is fine. It actually doesnt take very long at all.
That sounds great! Let us know what days work for your schedule and I am sure we can put something together!
I need a chop too please!
I'm open for any day, so if you guys get together and figure a day that works for all of you then let me know Thanks......... Thomas
SWEET!! I've been needing to do this for years now. I'm good on weekends sometimes maybe once in a while. LOL

I'd be in need of one myself...what's the damage for the chop?
I've been trying to get a hold of lonelydriver to find out what I charged him, It's been over a year since I did his and I wanted to be fair with everyone else and charge the same but I cant seem to reach him. Also, am I allowed to post a price here ? this is a service not a product. let me know..... I dont want to offend any vendors here........ Thomas
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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