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I snapped up some pics today while I was out at Stoddard Valley OHV in Barstow off of Outlet Center Drive so I thought now would be a good time to add my rig.

Updated 11/17/08

"Iron Pig" - 2008 FJ 4x4 Auto

Icon Stage 1 (front coil overs and rear mono-tube with coils)

285/70R17 BFG A/T's on Stock Steelies

Demello Front Winch Bumper w/Single Hoop
Demello Front Skid Plate
Demello Transfer Case Skid Plate
Demello Hybrid Sliders

Warn M8000 Winch w/Synthetic Line

ACRO 3" Lights in bumper
PIAA 520 6" Lights mounted on bumper
4xPIAA 2100 series Driving lights on front roof rack
2xPIAA 2100 series Fog lights on rear roof rack
4xfactory switches

Gobi Stealth Roof Rack w/Ladder
FJ All Weather Floor Mats w/Cargo Mat
Garmin Nuvi 780 w/Garmin Friction Mount

9/28/08 - My stock FJ a few days after I bought it.

10/11/08 - Icon Stage 1, 285/70R17 BFG's, Demello Hybrid Sliders at Stoddard Valley, Barstow, CA

11/17/08 - DO Bumper, ACRO Lights, 6" PIAA Lights, M8000 Warn Winch w/synthetic line, Gobi Stealth Rack w/Ladder, PIAA 2100's for rack (4xDriving, 2xFog on Rear) done at Demello's Shop

11/28/08 - Holy Jim Trail Morning Mud Run

More videos at

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Just got back from Demello today after getting my powercoated DO front bumper w/ACRO lights, 6" PIAA Lights, M8000 Warn winch w/synthetic line, front skid, transfer case skid, Gobi Stealth Rack w/Ladder (ladder was free) and 4xPIAA 2100 Driving lights on the front of the rack and 2xPIAA 2100 Fog lights on the rear.

I also had the PIAA switches swapped with factory switches. Mounting the switches for the ACRO Lights and 6" PIAA on the left side of the steering wheel in the blanks and then the top and rear rack lights in the 8 switch area.

They forgot to install the wind deflector and I totally forgot until I got home but I didn't notice any extra wind noise with the new rack and lights. Now I'm not sure if I want it installed or not. I'll wait till my next visit to DO to decide.

Now I need to find a place to get some custom vinyl covers made for the rack lights to be legal. I'll post some pics after I get this done.

I updated my first post with new pics and text.

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raYGunn said:
Nice! It's funny how similar our FJ's look. ;D
Funny story for you... I have a bunch of pics I scan through to check out the parts on other peoples FJ's and I had these 3 rigs I was looking at. FunJunkie's since he has the wind deflector on his rack and he has great close up pics of his rig. Your rig since it doesn't have a deflector and I can see what it looks like on a black FJ. And lastly, a pic of a black FJ with a wife and kids sitting on the roof rack on a beach. The FJ looked just like raYGunn's FJ but I didn't think too much about it, except the fact 2 people didn't use Gobi's wind deflectors. Then one day you posted a pic of your bumper and all of a sudden I noticed the license plate # was exactly the same as the "FJ on the beach with the wife and 2 kids all on the roof rack"... Yeah so I guess they did look exactly the same... (I was trying to figure out where to put my license plate on the DO bumper, and gee, you both had it over the DO logo also.)

Whenever I saw the pic with the wife and kids on the roof rack I thought it was linked to this story about a wife who said her husband wanted her to find a hobby so she bought an FJ and started offroading... wrong pic I guess. :-X

I almost got the "thimble" for the winch instead of just using the included hook, then we would have looked even closer!

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I made my first trip out to Holy Jim Trail tonight hoping to get there before it got dark to get used to the trail a bit. I got there around 5pm or so and most people where leaving as I was heading in. In about 10-15 mins it was pretty dark and I got to test out my new light setup. Wow, what a difference it makes. I was even surprised how much the lights on the roof rack created a wider area of vision on the sides of the trails.

After it rains I can see how that one entrance "pit" probably fills up good with mud. It looks like it could get pretty deep though! Nice there is a trail around it just in case.

I didn't go that far in since it was dark before I knew it so there is probably much more for me to see out there.

I tried taking a few pics without the flash but I probably needed to mess with some other settings to get better pics. Looks blurry but still nice to see the night sky.

Google Earth w/GPS track imported from Garmin MapSource
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