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First off we do not sell anything relating to car stereo. We are a Home Theater Custom Install/retail store(s). One of our retail stores in Pasadena is moving to Monrovia at the end of September. A lot of our demo equipment will wind up at the store where I am the Projects Manager at, and the company is gonna have a big sale to off load a lot of Demo gear and used gear. We have a lot of TV's (Sony, LG, Pioneer, Fujitsu, Sharp; 42" and larger) Tons of used gear + Speakers, and a lot of High End Receivers (Integra, Marantz, McIntosh, Lexicon, Adcom) and speakers (Paradigm, Def-Tech, McIntosh, Niles, Sonance) This is just to name a few. Savings will be 10%-50% off depending on what it is. The sale has not been advertised yet to the public but I have been giving the OK to get the word out. All equipment will be at out Long Beach location in Belmont Shore area near CSULB. As I have not been given an official date as to the sale yet, but I am guessing it will start maybe 2nd week in October. The list is quite extensive and would take a week for me to spell it all out here. If you are interested PM me with a wish list and I will get back to you with a price and if we have it and hold it off to the side.. Just to put things in perspective with regards to what we sell. Most of the High-end stuff you find in the Best Buy/ Magnolia Hi-Fi stores is our Low-end side of things. You will be required to come pick it up or a small few will be added to deliver it. We can install it also but our service/installers are about 4 weeks out for an install date due to us being more busy than we have been in the last 2 years. Thanks and let me know.
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