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babys coming

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sittng in delivery room now. Any time now

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OMG OMG OMG Someone get the hot water! ;D

best wishes to mom and baby!

looks like you might be able to do borregofest after all. ;)
VERY COOL! Best of luck, I'm seriously going inside the house right now to shotgun a beer for you and the family!
Whoa! I just thought of something... if your baby is born on the 6th, that's Hanna's birthday and my anniversary... OH crap, I gotta go buy a card! lol
Congratulations Mike! Can't wait for you to post up some pics!
All right Mike!!!!!!

Hope it all goes trouble free.
Congrats Mike.....Hope your wife and the newborn are doing well!
Sooooo, howz it going Mike? Man, here's to a safe delivery. Good luck, and CONGRATULATIONS!!! WOO HOO!!
Great pics, congrats on the addition.
Congrats again Mike! Thanks for the text, too!
Congratulations! Where's the webcam :).
Congrats to you and your family on your newest addition!
Congrats Mike!!! Great looking family you got goin there!!!! Hope all is well with momma and the baby! Hope to see ya'll soon. Take care
Congrats to the family. Looks like he`s already screaming take me wheelin ;D
Mike, that is so awesome! Congratulations to you and mommy! It looks like your daughter is having a great time with it as well.
Congrats Mike. He looks cute. Nice picks on the blue room forum.
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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