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Anyone plays tennis?

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I've been out of it for so long and would like to get back into it. Time to get in shape! Anyone plays tennis on a regular basis?
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No one? :(
Nope. I play baseball/Softball though....I know that doesn't help you, but thought I'd throw that out there..
If we lived closer I wouldnt mind playin but it's been years.

Mike, it's been years since I really exercised. I went out to the park the other day to shoot some hoops. Ok, brand new ball since I couldn't find the old one I had. Not 2 min. into the shooting, I was already tired of chasing the stupid ball around. Too much air in the ball...yup, that's what it is. Some H.S. Freshmans came over and asked if I wanted to play with them. I looked at them and had the hardest internal struggle. I use to be very competitive, but I didn't want to make a fool of myself if I collasped or something. :D I told them I needed to warm up. It's been 10 years since I played basketball. ;D Shot around some more and then decided to accept a challenge to a 2v2. Actually did ok. Barely lost (1 point sudden death), but man, I was tired 1/3 way in! It was embarrasing. Good thing my long 3s were falling. Would've been ugly. I was too tired to run so I shot 3s.

Anyway, I was just trying to get back into shape. Played some tennis fairly competitively (4-4.5) in H.S. and college and really want to get back into it. I played basketball on Friday and I'm still sored today. :eek:
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When I got transferred to this station last week, I found that they had a softball team. I used to play baseball a lot, so I thought why not. We had a game today, and at the end of the second inning, I was ready to go home! Man, I'm out of shape. So, we have games every Sunday. I have a feeling that when I wake up tomorrow I'm NOT going to be able to get out of bed so easily....
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