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Anybody have problems installing there Bandi Mount?

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I got mine from a vendor and had a b1tch of a time installing it. No I am not talking about the nut. I had to grind like a 1/4" off the bottom of the radius area to clear my tail light guards first off and the inside part that is bent 90 degrees, I guess is for suport, had to have like 1/8 of an inch ground off the bottom because it was bent over too low. After doing all this it went right in the hole and does not rub on my guards. Anybody else have any problems like that? Now I have like a 1/4" gap at the top and if I pull down on the mount I can get it to move up and down. And I have the nut as tight as tight can get. I guess I will be fixin' this with some JB Weld. Anybody have this issue also? I have not mounted the antenna yet. I can only wait for what that brings. I am not the least bit excited about the QC of this product. So much for that warranty I guess!!!
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im just gonna guess where you got it from.. lol

The only problem i had was getting the dang nut on.
I can't picture what you are trying to describe Larry. Mine (bought from Dirty Parts) went on smoothly.
Yeah, I heard a few folks with the tailight guards had those issues, some of them grinded the guards, some grinded the mount.

I'll have to take some pics. It might be hard to see because I have repainted it. I try a few close ups.
Mine went on with no problem. It does however move a bit back n fourth.

Must be your lamp guards.
Let me know what works I have the light guards with a bandi mount on the way. Can this work? Thanks for any and all pics you can supply.
I just put mine on last week. It fit fine but that nut was a bitch. What was there like 1/10000 of an inch to spare. I had to back the bandi mount out just to get the nut to start.
Sorry I should have mentioned that I had the makin light guards I know that I will have to shave a little off the mount I was just curious what the best way was to do that and if it will work after removing that piece. Thanks for any and all help.
talk to MudLuvin, he had the same issue with his light guards, he had to modify the Bandi Mount...
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