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allpro to raise prices

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just spotted this, kinda sucks but it's only gonna get worse for everyone in all types of markets


For Immediate Release

May 16, 2008

Get your order in by the end of May to take advantage of our current pricing and for every $100 you spend, you’ll get an entry into our monthly drawing for a $500 Gift Certificate! Plus, refer a friend and get an additional entry into the drawing! *

5% Price Increase on all All-Pro Off Road’s Products Effective 6-1-08

Unfortunately due to increasing costs in materials and transportation, we regretfully need to raise our prices. Although we’ve seen our costs increase by 10-30% just since the first of this year, we are only raising our prices by 5%.

Throughout the years we have built strong relationships with our vendors, ensuring the best quality products at the lowest prices. Not only have we been fortunate enough to purchase increased quantities due to the popularity of our products, we have also improved manufacturing processes so that we could pass these savings on to our customers, lowering many of our products prices throughout the 12 years we’ve been in business.

We’ve tried to remain competitive despite continued cheap Chinese knock-offs of our products. Please be aware that there are copy-cat products that may appear the same, but are of inferior quality. We are proud to have all of our All-Pro Off Road products are made in the USA or imported from Japan from Toyota OEM suppliers. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations.

We are in the process of doing a thorough analysis of our product line and we hope to continue to find ways to reduce our costs while improving the value we offer our customers. Thank you for your understanding and continued patronage.

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I hear ya on the gas bill thing. We run 6 full size Ford E350 vans with ladder racks and fully packed to do A/V installs at houses. We avg. $600-1000 a week in 87 octane. We have not raised are service rates yet. We still bill at $95 - 120 per hour per person depending who is requested for a job by a customer. We have been tossing around the Idea of adding a $65 trip charge to cover cost of gas and travel time for the first visit. So for me a 5% increase is nothing and I welcome it. ;)
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