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All Pro Transfer Case Skid Install Question

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Figured out my problem. I loosened the bolts that hold that cross-member near the area in question. With a little pressure on the frame from a floor jack, the bolts went right through. Just gotta do the self-tapping bolts when I get enough light, and I am done.

Pic of the cross_member:

Got my LCAs with skids installed this AM, and was proceeding to do the transfer case skid when I hit a problem. It's on the drivers side, where the 2 long bolts go through the frame:
This is a pic of the 2 bolts that replace the stock bolts on DustPark's skid:

The frame comes together in 2 pieces here. The bolts run through a long sleeve in one of the pieces, and 2 holes in the other. Mine have shifted, and the sleeve/holes do not match up by a good 1/8th of an inch. I could barely remove the stock bolt on the outside (had to thread it out of one hole first). The inner stock bolt is wedged in tight. I tried prying with a scewdriver, and using a floor jack to realign the 2 frame pieces, but no dice.

Any ideas how to get these pieces to align? Wishing I would have snapped a pic with the one stock bolt I managed to remove.
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Thanks FunJunkie, guess I just need to get nore aggressive with it, do some some drilling. After what I have installed to date, the fact they are out of alignment didn't shock me at all, I just can't get 'em to budge! :mad:
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