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A-TRAC Switch

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Thanks to 1morun I recently found out that I can add A-trac to my FJ by simply adding the switch... I do have a locking diff... so it will work.

The question is: How much for part number 84988-35060?
sells them for $51. Can Tustin Toyota better that?

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Hmmm interesting and whats the part needed? I see the number but what is it

It's just the switch. Apparently the wiring harness is standard on all FJ's so the plug for the switch is right behind the panel. Those of us who have locking diffs and no A-trac can just add A-trac by adding the switch since the capability is already there.

Here's the "How-to":

Thanks for the phone number Sanderhawk, I'll try to give him a call later today.

1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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