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A liner travel trailer

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After reading Tim's thread, it looks like someone may be interested in this. My dad is selling his and it is in great shape. He bought it new and put work into it also. If interested let me know.
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Aww that thing is cool, I always wanted a teardrop but this is really neat, I'm still in the air right now and kinda waiting for Bobs to be done.

The aliner is a great little trailer. I have the Chalet and use it almost every time I go mountain biking. I think mine is a little larger than this one though. Tony stayed in it at the Johnson Valley run. They are amazing inside. Much larger than you would think.

They were originally made in Hemet. The Aliner came around about 5 years ago I think. The Chalet has been made for about 15 years. The Aliner does have a Dexter torsion axle.

Neat little trailers to say the least and trust me the FJ will pull them with no problems.

I will be selling mine after the summer I think. But it is quite a bit older than this one.

This will keep the wife happy.

I highly recomend them, well made, well thought out and never smell like canvas. The hard walls keep it very warm. I had one about 10 years ago and sold it, and then bought another one because we missed it so much.

This is not an off road trailer though. But it will get you to the trail head just fine.
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I looked at those...They are very roomy inside for a pop up. Just wanted a bit more of the hotel type for the misses....Got to keep mama happy!

It would be a great addition for anyone looking for a trailer.
My wife and I want a small trailer that we can tow to camping spots on the beach, in the desert, mountains, etc. It has to have a bathroom and small shower, and sleep 4. It has to be one the FJ can tow (<5000 lbs). But it's been a goal of ours for over 10 years. We are actually starting to look at them now, with a plan to buy (finance) one before September. A opo-up would be nice, but they just don'
t have the bathroom and A/C requirements of the little lady.
Dave..Exactly my same issue. I picked up the 18' Fun Finder, sleeps 4 with a bath and shower, TV, DVD, A/C, Heater blah blah blah. The dry weight on it was 2800 lbs, a GVWR of 5850 and tongue weight of 240 lbs. I can load 3050 to max out the GVWR but that would be over the FJ's safe capabilities. I never expect to have anymore than 4000 lbs complete with water and all the supplies. I added an electric brake set up to the FJ and a weight transfering hitch with a sway bar for additional safety. It tows like a dream at 60 MPH.

Insurance is 136.00 per year (20k ARV)
About 600.00 to stock it with supplies that stay in it.

Family RV at Traveland USA Irvine. Good people and easy to deal with.
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