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Hit up lytle creek, and checked out 3N33. Went up about a mile or 2 before turning around. Too much traffic and that dirt entry road really rattles your teeth. had late lunch and took off for cleghorn.
Started to get dark when we got there

Lots of Mud, Lots of Snow, Lots of Fun ;D

Ran it all the way thru to the end. and had some sketchy moments near the top where there is still a lot of snow. Got stuck at one point near a ledge where I started getting side ways but was able to get out with a little bit of shovel work and a push from a friend. Was too cold to take many pictures so this is all I got.

Also ended up winching a mustang that was buried in the sand upto the axles under the train tracks near mormon rocks. Apparently trying to take a shortcut to mt. high. :p
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