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I had so much fun reading your AAT day I thought I would share ours
we were with MJR working Holcomb Creek
Much work needs to be done to reopen the trail
so we set off to reinforce a hill where the trail is being eroded
by a stream and crumbling down
we set up a base with rocks in baskets and then a forestry dozier
re cut the granite hill side to widen the trail so it was usable again
preping the base

trialer full of rocks

ready to lower a basket for rocks

working on trail

many loads of rocks were gathered

2 trips over a rock garden for the dozier

Dozier working hill

the way in and out was through this rock garden

all in all we had a great day, moved a ton of rocks and got a good base set, we will be back to that area for further
soon as a lot of work need to be done to reopen the trail
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