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2008/09/21 Oceano Dunes SVRA Trip

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I took a trip up North to Pismo Beach with my family this weekend. Those of you that saw my post about family camping will know this was a good step toward outdoor activities for us. We really roughed it, the hotel didn't have room service! I know it's hard to imagine but my wife survived. The kids did great soaking up 8 hours plus of driving over two days.

We played on the beach at Pismo on Saturday and today we drove South some to Oceano Dunes. For $5 you can drive around near the ocean and dodge quads and motorcycles. I read up on the place before I went so I knew to watch for the drop offs on the East side of the dunes. Driving in sand really sucks! We had an awesome time though and got on the roof to avoid the sand blast to the ankles and watched people jumping up the dunes.

I stopped by Dirty Parts on Friday and got my CO2 tank and some tire deflators and these were great to have along. The CO2 is my new best friend. Thanks Larry! :D

Note to self for Surf n Turf:
1) Oceano Dunes is WINDY
2) Driving in sand sucks
3) Let other people do jumps
4) Don't forget the CO2

Piper I like your template but I'm not using it since this is a repost from OAUSA and I am too tired to reformat it! :)
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Re: 9/21/08 Oceano Dunes SVRA Trip

raYGunn said:
So beautiful!
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